One off the bucket list

The bucket list always excites, always delights, and never remains constant.

Top three on my bucket list this year was

1. To go Scuba Diving

2. Get a driving license

3. Finish a half marathon before I turn 20

I might just be able to finish all three of the above by the end of this year (:

ImageHeaded to Pulau Dayang during the national day long weekend to get my Open water certification.

Four days and Three nights with a beach like this at our doorstep

Seven Dives and I’m still yearning for more.


( Made a couple of friends along the way! )

Pulau Dayang : Where starry skies and clear waters were enough make us happily accept the lack of hot showers and nice hotel rooms, simply by the virtue of scarcity and beauty within the context of our present habitats.

P.S Did I mention that I signed up for a half marathon too?


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