White Over Red, Dedication Over Passion

Red roses are always beautiful, and many occasions often aren’t complete without them.

Yet the white rose appeals to me so much more, for while the former represents a zealous fire of passion, the humble white rose brings about a sense of embracing assurance with gentleness and purity.

Passion can be without dedication, but dedication is rarely born out of an absence of passion.

In other words, passion that doesn’t lead to dedication is a rather useless hike of hormones.

On a scientific note, humans are attracted to the opposite gender through a hormone called pheromone. [ A chemical secretion that is able to influence behavior]

We generally aren’t attracted to members of the family even if they’re of the opposite gender because we’re too familiar with the scent of their pheromones.

In other words, it is highly likely for a couple to lose their sense of attraction for each other after a long time, simply because they get too familiar with the pheromones of each other.

But we don’t break up and go off to find another mate like animals do, because we are gifted with a higher intellect to act responsibly as compared to simply complying with our instincts and hormonal surges.

Love, is an act rather than a feeling ; It is a conscious decision to behave in a certain way although it is rooted in passion.

It is similar to the quote by aristotle on how we are what we do and hence, excellence is a habit rather than an act ( rephrased from aristotle )

Dedication, over passion.

We should be doing acts of love, and not feeling love/loved/loving.


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