Three Cafes and a German Restaurant

In view of the imminent lack of free time, I decided to go cafe hopping and catch up with a couple of friends while doing so.

Visited The Plain on Wednesday. It’s situated at 50 craig road, which is less than a 10 minute walk from Tanjong Pagar MRT station. The two of us happen to be people who can’t orientate themselves with google maps [ In spite of how remotely possible that is ] so we went one big round to find the place.

Was my first time exploring the smaller roads of that area, and I must say it was pretty refreshing, except that the sun was blazing that day.
2013-08-15 15.49.41

We ordered Darling’s Eggs ( $7.50) which was basically poached eggs on sourdough bread with ham, cheese and tomatoes. Wasn’t the best poached eggs I’ve had [ still prefer wild honey’s ] but the ham-cheese-tomato sour dough base was really good.

2013-08-15 15.51.26

Ordered a scone ($4) to share later on and it was one of the best scones I’ve had. Chewy and a little crumbly – just the right kind. If you love cedele’s scones like I do, you’d love the scones here even more (:

Ambience wise, it was like walking into a friend’s place for a cup of tea. Furnishings were rather basic and it was a little noisy during the peak “tea time hour”, but it’s a rather chill place to catch up with friends (:

Had some time to kill after that before meeting a friend to return him some stuff / catch up as he was going to sail with the navy for a good two months

2013-08-15 18.14.03
Decided to drop by Jamaica Blue cafe while waiting for him at starvista. I’ve actually never tried their coffee before but man it was good ! (: I think I might have just found my favorite coffee label.

It was strong, rich and yet not acidic. No idea why but the coffees in Singapore tend to be terribly acidic.  I loved the coffees in Melbourne because they weren’t acidic at all, but something seemed to be missing because the coffee in Melbourne just didn’t seem strong enough.

Granted, I can’t expect too much when my usual coffee is a flat white [ which means lots of milk and hence less of the “coffee oooomph” ] but still, I wouldn’t like to be drinking coffee flavored milk.

Later on as I was browsing the menus on the table, I found out that their coffee actually won a gold award!

A medium sized coffee like my flat white goes for $5.60, which is the same price as starbucks/coffee bean but a whole ton more awesome 😀

My relatives from Shanghai were down for a visit so we met up with them at Brotzeit for dinner. I’m still not quite sure how it’s pronounced but it’s a german restaurant that services good german beer. [ I had a beer, mum said it was really good beer, though I can’t tell the difference because I don’t usually drink]

2013-08-15 20.28.52

No food pictures unfortunately, cause it seemed a little rude to openly take pictures of food while people were feasting. haha. Not the first time I dined at this restaurant, but the dishes are generally very salty. That would be especially true for the soups. heh.

We had a platter with pork knuckle though, which was really good.

Meet up with a couple of friends on friday before convocation.

We had tea at Commune Cafe which was a pretty good place to chill and chat because it’s rather peaceful there.

It’s situated at Millenia Walk ; Nearest MRT is Promenade.
2013-08-16 15.52.16

Guess who had the cheesecake 😀

[ I have an obsession with cheese, if you don’t already know]

Cakes were generally $6.50 and tarts between $5 – $6.50. We had a pot of lemon ginger tea to go with it too! (:

The cheesecake was actually really good. Strong cheese taste yet not too hard. Just the right texture and I think they had a bit of herbs and lemon in it too!

2013-08-16 17.23.45
Had tea with two OG friends who will be flying off to the UK for university soon. It suddenly feels like the world’s shrinking cause half of your friends are serving the army and half of whoever is left, are flying overseas for their studies.

All part and parcel of life I guess, but so very thankful for these friendships nevertheless (:


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