The Brew of Happiness

2013-08-19 23.09.59Never underestimate the comforts of a good cup of tea.

English Breakfast,  Morning Red [ a slight variation of english breakfast which leads to a stronger brew], Green Tea, French Rose Buds, and a trusty keepcup to brew happiness in.

Tea has more caffeine than coffee, if you consider it by the grams.

But a cup of tea has less caffeine than a cup of coffee, so its a good way to reduce one’s reliance on caffeine.

Not to mention that its gentler on the pockets as well.

Three countries, Five states, lots of dancing, a diving certification and hopefully a driving license next week.

Its been a fulfilling holiday with memories I’ll be sure to treasure in times to come.

It’ll be a while till I visit the sandy beaches of malaysia , or dive amongst the fishes, or chill along the streets of melbourne in a different cafe everyday.

Back to school we go !


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