On University


I guess I , like many others, didn’t expect university to be easy.

But we didn’t expect it to turn out this challenging either.  :0

What will I give to have the sand between my toes and the sun on my face once again.

To soak in the clear turquoise waters of Pulau Dayang, to run on the sandy beaches, or to jump into the ocean and look downwards with amazement at the depths of his creations and the wonders and beauty of nature.

Not to mention sitting on the deck of the boat after a nice dive and feeling the wind in my hair.

Or to aimlessly sit by the streets of melbourne in a nice little cafe furnished with woody interiors [the one on queen’s street still remains my favorite], watching the world go by as I sip on a perfect latte and nibble off a slice of cheese cake or a savory croissant.

ImageI cherished every moment of those experiences, and glad I am for doing so.

It is said, that there is a time and season for everything.

Two weeks back, I’d have scoffed at the thought of heading to school on a weekend. But somehow it seems like a necessity now.

Perhaps these experiences are so precious because they didn’t last for a prolonged period of time.

After all, it is in human nature to take things for granted and this chinese saying puts it across perfectly.

物以稀为贵 : scarcity/rarity causes something to be cherished.

I still laugh at myself at times, when I realize how confined I am to a desk with my laptop, case readings and books on it.

Because just a while ago, I was someone whose mum labelled a nemo for bouncing around everywhere, running around all the time, someone, who did everything, but be confined to a desk.

And never had to, or would, wake up at 6.45 on a weekday morning.

But I will still make that choice to stop and smell the roses, to live, laugh, and love through it all.


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