Taken from Justin Ng Photography‘s facebook page.

It’s amazing how people can take such wonderful photos. haha (: His travel photos never fail to make me smile a little whenever I’m scrolling through facebook to destress.

Aptly so now, since I’m stuck in the library trying to finish my readings. It’s quiet and nice, and I appreciate the much needed stillness.

Perhaps I’m not made out to bask in the boisterousness of life. I’d prefer the quiet corners any time.

My heart has a larger capacity to embrace quietness as compared to people, I’d sadly admit.

Above all, this photo reminds me of how much I can’t wait to get away already ):

Away from the buzz of life, perhaps back into the depths of the oceans.

To mingle with the vibrancy of little creatures carefully and wonderfully created by the very same God who created me, and by the very same God who placed the stars in the skies that I will gaze at, after I’m done soaking in the vibrancy of the oceans.

I know not the plans he has for me, but I’ll let hope that is built on faith, be an anchor for my soul (:


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