Caught up with the girls on Tuesday night (: 

So glad I could make it down after class ended. 

On a side note, the time to fall ill finally came ): 

Felt feverish all morning and it was so cold as a result ; head was hurting so much I could hardly process whatever was being said in class 

Campus doctor sighed and chucked me with a whole lot of medicine. I’m popping 7 pills and one lozenge each time I take my meds I’m feeling like a sick old granny already 

And my throat is so badly inflamed that my ears are starting to hurt and the doc decided to start me on a course of antibiotics. 

and the never ending pile of readings await… 

On a side note, I signed up for Great Eastern’s Women Run ! 😀 

doing just the 10km one though ; cause I’m doing a half marathon for standard chart end of this year 

should be fun. 

#excited (: 



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