“Opulence is relative, but hopefully, gratitude is consistent”


The title was taken from the concluding statement of the article above. 

The striking part of the article ? About 90% of it was about exorbitant spending, man’s attraction to prestige or rather the association with it, and how it seemed rather unjust that such large amounts of money that could be put to better use is instead used to gratify (extremely) dispensable luxuries of ours.

But rich – shaming isn’t the point in the end, but that of relativity

The concept of luxury is relative, the concept of poverty is relative too ( despite the poverty line established). Or rather, the word subjective might be a better choice.

A $10 meal might be considered equally luxurious as a $1,000 dinner when you’re asking two different groups of people.

We often criticize the wealthy for a thousand reasons. But we don’t realize that being less wealthy doesn’t grant us the license to be equally nonchalant about the same issues.

Money aside, the same theory applies across the board. 

Just because we aren’t that well off in a particular area doesn’t give us the license to be nonchalant about issues within that perimeters either. 

Dear God, let this perspective be so ingrained within me. 

Perhaps the resolution to issues like world poverty doesn’t lie with opulence, but the lack of gratitude. 

Because it seems incomprehensible to me how, if gratitude is present, the desire to do good isn’t. 



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