Mid terms are looming ahead but I’m so ever grateful for the short yet sweet recess week ((:

I know everyone’s complaining that they’re all heading back to school almost everyday despite it being recess week but I’m glad I’ve friends around who actually make me look forward to heading to school.

No where near done studying for mid terms but I’ve been trying to bear in mind that grades aren’t everything.

Went with a couple of people to USS for halloween. Somehow a free ticket popped out of no where and while meeting a friend over dinner she was telling me how wonderful USS halloween is. So I made the last minute decision to join them after having dinner with that friend of mine.

It turned out great though (:

USS Supper
And we had supper at 2.30am and I have no idea how many sticks of satay I gobbled down that night.
Went jamming before a friend’s birthday party. Nah, I was just horsing around waiting for them to pick a song I knew how to sing hehehe. We actually thought of just going for 15minutes to half an hour but we ended up in the sound foundry room for more than an hour :0
1385031_10151889150165279_221691174_nFriend’s 21st Party !(: food was great. and his birthday cake was my favorite kind of cake. It was an oreo cheesecake HEH HEH (:

PLUS PLUS. the Eclairs were so awesome ( wasn’t those type with horrible cream in them ) and he had a waffle station so we were happily making our own waffles 😀 I must say mine turned out pretty decent ^^

Recess week had its own fair of stresses, but I’m so ever thankful for the small pockets of time I had to meet up with friends over this week.

Be it hearing me out till 11pm after a meeting in church, or making time before lectures to lunch with me, I’m so grateful for these wonderful people (:

Had brunch with a friend at this cafe in NUH in between coffee bean and mr bean ; the food was pretty good while not being too expensive. Wish they had it in SMU. HAHA (:
Timbre 13th Oct
Ended off the week at timbre with an old friend. [ night at timbre is read as : fat night out]

We went to the one at the arts house previously and it was too noisy so we tried out the one at The Substation this time. Their pizzas are ever so good and I shall remain a loyal fan to their smoked salmon pizza from now on ^^

Nights at timbre are always fattening as usual though. SIGH

Ordered a drink each while we enjoyed the live band performing. Lucky us actually got seated in the middle (:

Good music, good company and good food to end off recess week.

There really isn’t anymore I could ask for (:

[ Did a 10km run this evening which probably burned off like 1/100000000 of what I consumed   binged on this week. But still, it makes me feel good hahahaha. PLUS. NO SCHOOL TMR HOHOHO ]


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