On Turning 19 and Week Ten of School

Week Ten of School

Let’s start with week 9.

Week 9 Day 6 : Make up lessons for Hari Raya. In school from 7.45 am to 11.50 pm. Missed the last train. Caught the night rider bus which goes on a happy tour before getting me home.

Week 9 Day 7 : TWC meeting after church. Actual Birthday. Oovoo-ed after getting home till 2am to finish an AS graded mid term assignment. Brain died. Assignment still unsolved.
( Thank God for wonderful crim law group mates. Though the report didn’t turn out as well as we expected it to, we didn’t have to stay up till 6am on W9D7 like many other groups did in order to finish the report due 9am the next day)

Week 10 Day 1 : Dragged self out of bed in the morning for driving lesson. No lessons but headed to school to study. AS assignment due 5pm. Couldn’t resolve things even at 4.30pm. Brain gave up and we just submitted whatever we had. TWC meeting to finish 3M report due the next day. Left school in time to catch the last train home. Skyped till 2am to finalize the report.

( Again, Thank God for responsible group mates who stayed up in order to pull things together. Crim report due 9am on that day too. )

Week 10 Day 2 : 8.15 am class. Hardly any readings done. Last class ended 8.30pm. Worked on google docs till late to prepare for crim presentation the next day.

( Again, Thank God for wonderful group mates)

Week 10 Day 3 : Crim law presentation. Report got burned. Hardly awake. Driving lesson. LSLMA attempted.

Also, almost squeezed facial wash instead of toothpaste onto toothbrush twice in the same day.

Was rather sad as I had to spend the entire eve of my birthday in school on saturday. I didn’t even have time to celebrate my birthday this year properly because my weekend was packed. But even through all of this, I’d still say that I’ve been immensely blessed by the people God has placed around me.

Perhaps it was the most uneventful birthday I’ve ever had. But it will filled with a lot of love which manifested itself into the form of cakes ; this birthday is the birthday of which I’ve eaten the most cakes on.

It’s been such a hectic week and there’s still two more days to go before the week ends. and there’s still a report and a presentation due next week.

But amidst all the stresses I’m reminding myself to push away all this negativity and look towards the little pockets of blessings despite what’s going on.

And I realize that they’re in abundance.

Through it all, I will give thanks.


Birthday with AS friends 2013-10-19 14.14.19-1 2013-10-19 14.42.12 2013-10-19 21.24.24 Photo on 19-10-13 at 4.46 PM Photo on 21-10-13 at 3.21 PM 1378495_10151778412574755_220548613_n


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