two and a half months into school

ImageJust really missing the deep blue ocean right now, and the vastness of the world which is beyond the capacity of our minds to fathom.

University has taught me the cold aspect of superficiality, but it has also reminded me that sincerity is a choice independent of circumstances.

I still believe that when one approaches the people she meets and the things she does with sincerity, it will be felt and while I can’t expect it to be reciprocated all the time, it is enough to know that it does make a difference and brings about a little tinge of warmth to whoever who needs it.

Still trying to figure out the complexities of human nature ( HAHA ) because I’m a very confused child who takes a long time to figure things out. But I am trying hard to see the positive light in every situation, and to bring about as much warmth and joy as I can to those around me.

I’m also trying not to judge people on first impressions because people do turn out differently from who you think of them to be.

Still trying to balance school, church and a social life out but I’m glad for whatever he’s given me.

And I’m grateful that I got to do what I’ve always wanted to. I see people struggling in various courses ( law included) because they realize they pretty much loathe what they’re studying. I can’t imagine how it’d be like if I had to do something I hated. As much as my determination and perseverance has brought me where I never thought I could reach, I don’t think it’ll be enough to sustain me through such circumstances.

I wish I could bring a little warmth to these people but I haven’t quite figured out how yet. It must be pretty agonizing and it’s one of those situations where you wish you could do more for them yet you don’t quite know how to do it without hurting their pride or intruding into the invisible line of emotional boundaries that cannot be trespassed.

I’m so glad week 10 is over, and it was celebrated with another project meeting. HAHA. BUTTTT. I managed to find time to head to the gym with a friend, catch up over dinner at makisan, before meeting up with another group of friends from law school and laughing so hard till my abs were hurting.

Saturday was spent in school for projects as well, but I managed to pull out some time in the afternoon for a ballet class. Lagging behind by so much but I’m crossing my fingers and hoping that I’ll be able to catch up in time.

Met up with some friends for supper after that and rocher road’s tauhuay never fails to make my day (:

Thank you Lord, for this hectic yet wonderful week.


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