week 13

Next week is reading week and finals start the week after.

And I’m doing a half marathon right smack in the middle of finals hahahaha yes what was I thinking. No idea how I’m going to do it since the longest I’ve ever ran is just 12km but yes, I will do it.

I will strike off from my to-do list, running a half marathon before i turn 20 (:

No idea if I’m willfully blind, ignorantly blissful, or just the typical mag with little spacial awareness for the things around me. But I’ve actually hardly realized the superficially so immensely loathed by others, of SMU students. People who pick their friends and flirt around. People who only choose to mix with the good looking/ smart /talented etc, people who know they are and love being exclusive.

I’m thankful that I don’t have to put up with these and I’m so glad I’m no longer the girl who used to try so hard to be in those groups. I wish I realized earlier how much more valuable it was to stand your ground, know your worth and love yourself for who you are. Instead of basing your self-worth on the popularity of your clique, the people you mix with, and how “wanted” you are by the classmates around you.

Finals are round the corner and I’m so hyped up to study hehe (: So glad that all the projects are over and I can study properly now.

Really hope that things turn out okay, and I’m so glad for the friends I have around me (: Be it the study buddies I always sit around in the library, or the random texts of well wishes, or nice hugs to spur me on. It’ll be sad to leave them next sem cause I hardly have any classes with my classmates from this sem but I really hope that we’ll be able to keep in touch and maintain the friendships. It’s saddening how we tend to let relationships slip by so easily.

SMU has really taught me how to discern though. Some people look so fierce/badass/ swear a lot but they’re actually really nice people deep down inside.

On the contrary some people are ever polite/ well spoken/ well groomed but they aren’t that pleasant as a person.

Yet another reminder not to be too quick to judge.

Can’t wait for finals to be over (: Can’t wait for the month long trip ahead (:

So ever thankful to have things to look forward to, and things to work hard for.


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