The Noun – Love

“Now that you have purified yourselves by obeying the truth so that you have sincere love for each other, love one another deeply, from the heart.”

1 Peter 1:22 

I did a quick search on google and the closest definition I could find was : ” A strong feeling of affection” 

Yet that definition seemed so severely lacking in some aspect, an aspect I couldn’t quite put a finger to. 

Recently I’ve been involved in this bible verse email exchange. It’s my second time doing it, and I’m still so pleasantly surprised to open my mail box in the mornings. I received the verse above from a fellow YM-er and it served as such a good reminder, especially because it isn’t quite one of those cliché verses.

To love, because we have first been loved. And because we’ve accepted that great boundless love, loving others becomes so inevitable and unstoppable. 

To the extent that we as followers of Christ, are characterized by our love for each other. 

I’m find myself so terribly flawed at times especially when I just seem unable to love like Christ has commanded us to. Being selfish or having vested interests seem so inherent in the very core of our existence. 

But then I’m reminded of how we’re not supposed to rely on our own strength to love, because it is quite impossible. 

And it is this love that we derive strength from, that spurs us on. 

So tired from all the studying and it’s wednesday already. Finals are in about a week and I’ve no clue where I’m heading at times. And it’s terrifying how people can cite things off the top of their heads. 

Still reminding myself not to compare and to just try my best. It’s been a good 13 weeks and I still can’t believe I’m in uni already. But nevertheless still so thankful for the people I’ve found. 

It has definitely been an eye opener especially with regards to the various types of people. Values that I thought were a given turned out otherwise. 

I’ve never had friends who smoke till I came into uni — don’t get me wrong, the friends I have in uni who turn out to be people who smoke are very very nice people ; people I am glad to have met. 

Sometimes I really want to try convincing them to stop because its unhealthy and stuff like that, but I’m pretty sure they know of it and they’ve heard all the preaching before. And I’m afraid of over stepping the boundaries and making them feel uncomfortable/ that I’m being too interfering. 

But at the same time I really wish they didn’t smoke because I don’t like entertaining the thought of people I care about falling sick/ being frail in the future :/ 

Sometimes I wish I had a little bit more courage. UGHHHHH

Anyway, Happy Birthday Evelyn , if you’re reading this. It’s 20th already but it’s still Tuesday night for me so I guess it still counts. 

Glad to know that you had a great one (: 



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