Scrolling through facebook and its the third round of pictures I’m seeing with regards to my juniors graduating from Crescent, attending their prom night, and the traditional dance farewell party organized by the Crescent Dance juniors. These strong wave of memories hit me like a wall of bricks , and I realize how much I would give, to have those moments back again. I hadn’t learnt to live life to the fullest just then.

O’s was a vague whirl.  Have I studied enough? Can I remember everything? Is it enough to get my A1? Oh dear I think I didn’t do well enough; will my other subjects make up for it ?

People were screaming after the last paper. I was almost in tears because of all the tension. And I remember that feeling of freedom as I walked out of Crescent that day. Yet I remember that feeling of reluctance as it would be the last day I wore my uniform. That yellow and turquoise uniform that I had once hated, but grew to love.

And I walked down the little hill that I had to run up on most mornings because I was nearly late (History repeated itself in AC though)

Then it was my first prom. Dresses, Make up, Hair. Grossly overdone. HAHA. But I felt gorgeous for a day, even though I came to realize that it wasn’t quite me, and it took far too much effort to get there.

Dance farewell was before O’s I think. And I still remember that heart shaped + Chinese character for dance what was made out by short candles from IKEA by our juniors. It was so beautiful. If any of the  graduated juniors from the 2011 batch are reading this, thank you for such a beautiful memory.

We screamed the dance motto out and many of us left school in tears after the very last dance prac. We dreaded that day so much. And I really miss Crescent Dance a lot even though I haven’t quite gone back in three years because I don’t quite know how to do so without looking like an awkward turtle in the dance hall as they trained ):

This year, the juniors on facebook who posted their prom pictures were the juniors who were in sec 1 when I was in sec 4. Which also means that they are the last batch of juniors I know from Crescent Dance.

Time flies so quickly, and I really miss Crescent so much. Or perhaps it’s because I still don’t quite feel like I’m a Uni student yet, that I actually miss the period of my formal education so badly.

And Crescent Dance, a community that brought out a passion I never thought I’d have. It wasn’t what I wanted to join initially, as I wanted to join softball like I did in primary school.

But now, I can’t ever imagine the day I’d stop dancing. Not that I’m super good or anything ; In fact I think I’m barely average.

But this ability to move your body to the beats and sounds and feel this warm feeling radiating from within, I don’t know how else to describe it other than calling it magical.


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