Hello December, Hello Christmas



For one, exams are over and I’m terribly afraid of my GPA this sem. But I shan’t think about it. 

Visited forty hands after finals ended and mannnnnnnn the cakes there were good (:

Grabbed our 1 for 1 christmas drinks at starbucks after, before meeting another group of friends for dinner at timbre. Missed the smoked salmon pizza there. I still don’t ( and never can) understand why people prefer the duck pizza over the smoked salmon pizza. 

Think I’ve gained a considerable amount of weight, but I shall take it as fueling up for winter. Heading to East Asia this Sunday for a good three weeks ( and a few days) and it’ll be my first time spending such a long period away from home, in the middle of winter, in a foreign place and with just one friend. 

A little scared yet very very excited to see what’s to happen, to learn and to grow. And I’m sure I’ll be thoroughly enriched by what’s to come. 

First time ( as far as I can remember) that I’ll be spending christmas away from home, in a place that probably doesn’t really celebrate christmas that much, So I’m hoping that I won’t get home sick ; keep me ( or us, if you know my friend as well) in your prayers! (: 

One last thing 

I struck off another thing off my bucket list !! 

Running a half marathon before I turned 20. 



Never thought I’d be crazy enough to see this bucket list item through, but I’m glad I did. And I’m looking forward to my next half marathon HEHEHE. Probably won’t ever be crazy enough to do a full marathon though. 

It wasn’t as hard as I expected it to be, like the run-untill-want-to-die kind of hard. But it was a pretty good experience (: 

Oh yeah, since we just left the topic of food, I met  Sarah on Wednesday, decided to head to ikea for lunch and we had 

Turkey Shank 

20 meatballs 

Salmon Chowder

Log cake and

Chicken Wings 

between the two of us. HEHEHE (: 

It was such a satisfying meal but oh lordddd the calories. 

But, the Lord cake was pretty good. It could easily pass off as something from awfully chocolate. 

Oh yeah, and we visited a typo outlet store at anchor point. I really love anchor point; it has plenty of outlet stores that sell stuff at marked down prices. 



Attended a friend’s birthday party too! (: It was really really far but thankfully a friend’s dad could drop me off somewhere closer to the west. 

And the birthday cake from chocolate origins was REALLY REALLY GOOD too. HAHA I’M SUCH A GLUTTON 

Last dinner in Singapore shall be spent at turf city tmr. Hoping it’ll be good (: 



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