Helped out at a higher education talk yesterday for IB students and while thinking of what to share with them (one of the slides allocated to me was on the various reasons people have for studying law) I found myself thinking back on why I wanted to study law.

And beside all the reasons along the lines of being interested in the subject, being attracted by the ever changing and ever challenging nature of it, I’m reminded of one of the reasons as to why I chose to study law. And it was to serve, to serve the community in the most effective way that I can – even though yes, I know lawyers are commonly portrayed as cut throat and heartless.

You can serve through many ways, through any degree. You can serve even without a degree. But to me, if I had the privilege of studying a professional degree that allows me to help the community effectively, why not? I guess I could serve community by packing bread or cleaning houses for the old folks, but one thing that I strongly believe in is that the law is meant to be accessible by all, not just the rich or the MNCs. The less fortunate need to know their rights and take action to protect themselves when these rights are infringed upon. They need to know that there are plenty of avenues to do so such that they need not be deterred by high legal costs. There is a need for people to provide such avenues and do the work such that legal services are accessible to everyone. Not just de jure but de facto.

Society has certainly given me a lot. Be it the education I’ve received or the experiences I’ve had that moulded me to who I am today. While there are certain things I disagree with in society, and certain things that I feel are absolutely absurd (such as the cost of transport and the great inefficiency of it), I can’t deny that I have received much from society. And everyone has a role to give back to society, regardless of how small the extent of giving may be.

While we can’t demand of everyone to be selfless ( I myself, can’t reach that extent too), serving the community isn’t a noble act; it is what we are supposed to do. And although I’m still a very very far way from being a lawyer (if I even clear law school, pass my bar exams and get a training contract omgoodness), I truly hope that my law degree will be one that I can use to serve others in a God pleasing way.

Serious thoughts aside, the organizers treated us to a buffet at Pan Pacific after πŸ˜€ It had a really good spread of food and the desserts station was the best I’ve ever seen. There were small blocks of green tea, rum and red wine chocolates, chocolate mousse that tasted more like pure chocolate, awesome possum cakes and much more. They had a cheese counter and a sashimi counter too! (: Not to mention the western counter which was laden with really good red meat. Even their asian food counters (with satay, chinese dishes and indian cuisine) were pretty awesome.

A pity my tummy didn’t have the capacity to try everything. haha the spread was THAT good. Really thankful for the organizers’ generosity as well. Hopefully the 8km run I did this evening made up for at least half of last night’s gluttony. HEHE.


The peeps who shared about SMU law together with sir and mdm!


My loot from the dessert counter! i was hoping that I’d have the capacity to go for a second round but it didn’t quite materialize.


Happy girls after a very satisfying buffet. We were slouching in our seats ’cause we were a little too full to move HAHAHA.


Trying to get back into the habit of running too! Here are my buddies for a run I did last friday πŸ˜€ Despite taking ages to get to school from my ulu land in the west, I am grateful for the scenic routes to run by before/after classes. Stamina’s really bad now but izzalright, I’ll get it back soon ^^



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