A little moment of reprieve

(I’m still considering it as thursday)

Sometimes I wonder why I continue pressing on with ballet. It’s expensive, time consuming, and I’m just average with it. It’s tiring, and school’s more than enough to keep me occupied.

But every time I step into the dance studio on thursday nights, I’m reminded of why I just can’t let go of ballet. As much as I love contemp and mixed genres of dances, I guess ballet would always be my first and only love. When I leave the studio at half past ten I leave with my shoulders feeling free, feeling as though nothing is gripping me.

About school,

As I mentioned in the previous post, I’ve this really intimidating prof for one of my law mods. My blood freezes when she calls my name, and I’m just always in this state of (severe, I would call it) emotional distress before her lessons. But the strange thing is, I really admire her. I love her sense of wicked humor, I love the intellect she possesses and I love the amount of strength(and confidence) she seems to have in her, as a woman. I wouldn’t say I aspire to become like her ( oh God help me to have a much gentler spirit than that), but I really do look up to her.

I’ve been CCA-less for quite a while now, though I crash the trek runs on wednesday nights. Will be joining aquathlon soon if nothing goes wrong, because I realize I’m someone who needs plenty of distractions in order to work well. I’m not exactly a workaholic, but I waste less time when I’m busy. My university life will be what I make out of it and I promised myself that I wouldn’t waste it on chasing GPAs. The last time I remember, my freestyle sucked so I’m hoping I won’t die during swim trainings. Wouldn’t be able to join their track trainings cause I’ve ballet on thursday nights but I’m hoping that I’ll be able to make up for it through my wednesday and weekend runs.

Went for a couple of interviews for the organizing committee of various summer events. I don’t quite understand why people feel that spending summer on school events is akin to “burning” their summer ’cause I honestly feel that summer would be rather exciting if spent this way.

I’m also in this sub committee for this CSP project called project smiling hearts. Sometimes I struggle to find the purpose in it and I’m hoping that I’ll be able to find it in the upcoming project that we’ll be undertaking. I remember choosing a local CSP over OCSPs because it struck me that there was so much we could help with in our own country and I questioned myself as to why I was so eager to scoot off.

About law school,

A lot of people ask/comment/express their concern through statements like “I heard it’s really tough”, “how is law school? Very tiring right?”, “are you going to the library again?”

I don’t know about the others but I feel so blessed because I actually like what I study. I don’t get fantastic grades ( trust me, sem 1 GPA was so crappy and rife with Bs that I started questioning my own intellect), yet in the strangest way possible, I start to agree with the school of thought on how grades aren’t everything.

I love what I learn, and although readings get annoying at times due to the convoluted nature of certain readings, I feel intellectually stimulated, constantly challenged, and hungry for more.

I’m not the student who has the best answers for class part, but somehow, through a combination of why I love what I study, I feel motivated to study hard.

and yes, I really love how SMU is right in town ( traveling time aside), how it is so easy to head for a run/ head to the gym, and ofcourse, I love the friends I’ve been blessed with.

Whoops I’m sorry it turned out to be yet another wordy post hahaha.

Free day tmr and I’m heading to holland v to thread my brows with a girlfriend (((:


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