Counting down to summer

Wishing time was in my hands, wishing the minutes wouldn’t pass so quickly, wishing that the readings weren’t never ending.

It’s 25 minutes past twelve and I find myself rejoicing over how early it is. It pops into my head that I have to be up at half past six tomorrow but somehow I feel resigned to it.

Still trying to keep the spirit of gratitude. This was what I wanted, worked for, and was blessed with. And despite all the hard work that everyone has to put in, I’m glad to be able to say that I love what I study(:

On another note, I can’t wait for summer ((:

Will be involved in the law camp organizing committee this summer and I’m really really excited for it. I remember how touched I felt when I first entered law school and saw the amount of effort my seniors put into the law camp, a camp for juniors they barely knew. And I really really hope to be able to bring this feeling to my juniors too (:

Regrettably, I had to reject SMUSA as the Bar (the law school student council sort-of) didn’t allow those who were in the law camp org comm to be involved in other organizing committees. Was really looking forward to being in the organizing committee for freshmen camp because I personally love doing camps and events. I was hoping that the Bar would allow me to do convocation org comm at least, or be a faci for ftb but these options were ruled out, and for reasons I acknowledge and respect. Still find it a huge pity though, but I’m sure I wouldn’t regret my choice. The law camp org comm comprises of really great people and my classmates from last sem; It’s going to be a very exciting time 😀

On another note, I wish I didn’t get injured so easily.

I guess I never had very strong joints or whatsoever since young but after spraining both my knees in sec 4 and JC they were never quite the same. They got better but my IT band gives me problems all the time. It got to the point where my hip was hurting (also because of the IT band issue) so badly. My knees still act up every now and then (somewhat like rheumatism) and one of them acted up in the middle of the night yesterday. It was hurting so badly I had to get up to look for heat rubs before I managed to fall back to sleep.

Shoulder feels wonky now after the monday swim with the aquathlon peeps ’cause I haven’t swam in a really long while.

And I’m still considering another half marathon for sundown hahaha. Sigh. wishing I had a stronger body. Or perhaps, I’ve been pushing it too hard.


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