It’ll be what we make out of it

Its been a really long time since I’ve written a legit diary entry, like an entry in that special pretty book with my favourite pen. But I’m simply too tired to do so and I don’t like my diary entries being so skimpy ):

School’s been so tiring :/ I actually miss sem one because I don’t remember it being this hard. Sometimes I just don’t seem to understand what’s going on and for some reason, readings are starting to get more convoluted as well. Not to mention having a professor who insists on us reading full cases as opposed to case briefs.

For some reason, I almost lost it at a few friends this week too ): I really dislike how the stress is causing me to be so emotionally volatile and all. And I’m really sorry if you had to bear the brunt of it. Feel really bad towards my mum too. She stays up when I come home past midnight just to heat up soup for me and grab me veggies (because I can’t seen to get enough greens from eating out). But at the same time she usually bears the brunt of my grumpiness because I’m just so tired when I come home half past 12 and all I want to do is to get my work done and hit the sack.

And I’ve no idea how I’ll be able to survive this week because I’ve been so busy with tort presentation + written report that I’ve barely touched my readings and those readings aren’t those which can be completed in one afternoon/night.

But I’ve to admit that I did have my fair share of fun this week. Attended a friend’s commissioning ball on friday night and it was rather enjoyable even though I was really tired from a full week of school.



I realise I’ve barely had a good night’s sleep this entire week. Panda eyes and the eye bags I was born with are just getting worse. haha. I’m just so afraid of the day where I’ll wake up realizing that a few strands of hair of mine have turned white from all the stress in law school.

Had dinner with some friends at overeasy along fullerton on saturday. Wish I wasn’t feeling so tired during dinner but the view was pretty good 😀 we caught the fireworks too !(:

Helped out with Sunday School games for the Children’s Ministry at fort canning on sunday morning. Perhaps I really am getting old hahaha. I don’t quite have the abilities to shout after kids and be their game master. Won’t deny that it was pretty fun though 😀

Headed back to school for a tort project meeting and the law camp org comm went out to take a couple of photos 😀 Here are two that I really like (:


School’s probably not going to get any easier but I’m trying to remind myself that my University life will be what I make out of it. Ofcourse, I can’t be more thankful for the friends that I have alongside me.

I’ll press on and I hope you will too (:


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