The spirit of restlessness permeates through my very being and I simply can’t wait for summer to arrive.

I can’t wait to scoot off to a foreign, quieter place and embrace the deep blue oceans once again.

I can never forget the astounding amount of beauty beneath the waters, the surreal feeling of finning through it, and that unforgettable feeling of being carefree without a single worry in the world. I’ve never realized it, but I think I’ve fallen in love with the vast oceans. I get restless and terribly excited whenever I ponder on the possibility of plunging in again.

Reality check: I haven’t even gotten to the midpoint of the school term yet.

That aside, all of us need something to look forward to, something to day dream about and to be silly happy at in order to find reason for our existence. It is the knowing of the good things to come and the contemplation of the endless excitement in the future that gives us joy and strength to carry on.

Currently planning on heading to Thailand to dive with a friend over summer 😀 Still working out the details and costs but I do hope that this trip comes to pass.

Reality check 2: That trip to Thailand will most probably make me significantly poorer to the extent of being broke. But I’m strangely willing to be relegated to such.

On a side note, if anyone has a foam roller that I could borrow for a month or so, please let me know! I’ll come over to pick it up from you. I’ve been laden with plenty of injuries and I’m thinking of using a foam roller to ease out my IT band so that my knees and hips would stop hurting when I run. But they’re all retailing at 60 bucks so I’m trying to seek out alternatives first (:

Reality check 3 : 12 days to the deadline for the legal memorandum and current word count = 0

So glad I’m done with my tort presentation though (: It’s one thing off my mind at least, and I really hope that we managed to get a good grade for it.


Here’s a picture of us and our prof (minus one team member who rushed off after class).

And here’s the happy parcel from week 4 : A new shoe bag that I ordered online 😀

Little joys that make a difference(:


Was actually rather disappointed because the shade of yellow was really bright as compared to that online. It’s even brighter than what you see in the picture here, and I didn’t like bright colours to begin with.

But the strange thing is, I used to completely hate the colour yellow. Perhaps the long holiday before uni, and the great experiences I’ve had at SMU made me a much more happier and cheerful person, and this change was manifested through the shift in my colour preferences(:



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