Just keep going



its 3.19am and I’m still not done with the first draft of my legal memorandum. And it’s due on thursday on top of other deadlines within the same week.

To just keep going, and to channel my frustrations into a higher efficiency level is what I’ve been trying to remind myself continuously. I love what I study but it’s come to a point where fatigue seems to be an inherent part of my school life that I have no choice to do anything else but suck it up. Contract presentation on wednesday coupled with the legal meorandum that’s due on thursday which makes BGS case study facilitation seem completely insignificant.

And tort mid terms in just about a week too. Went for a swim with the aquathlon peeps after class and grabbed ice cream after so thankfully I don’t feel as shitty anymore (:

The lack of sleep and the level of stress is killing me too. Help. I don’t want to graduate from law school with half a head of grey hair.

On another note, sent a friend off on Sunday night. A little envious of where she’s going; she’s heading to aussie which is a place I really love for it’s culture. But then again, the grass is always greener on the other side and I am appreciative of where I am and what I have. Sad to see her go but I’m sure she’ll be really happy down under (:


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