Week 7

Typing this on my way to school. 
These few weeks have been incredibly exhausting, with mid terms, deadlines and a presentation.
Barely had 3 hours of sleep last night trying to study for BGS mid terms that didn’t end up too well either sigh. It was better than average but it definitely isn’t the kind of grade I’d settle for since I actually studied for it.
Went for trek run at night. Legs still feel tired from it hahaha. But somehow piling this additional form of exhaustion on top of the fatigue Im already experiencing actually makes me feel better. It’s like a form of release and vent haha.
And I think I actually fall sick when I stop exercising. Didn’t go for my runs for a week or so and I started feeling sick. But that feeling went away right after I hit the gym 😀 
Still feeling so tired even after a good 8 hours of sleep but I definitely feel more ready to study for tort mid terms now (:
So tempted to skip ballet tonight cause im so tired + I need to study but I’ve ballet exams coming up and I’m really not up to par right now ):
But then again, ballet always gives me something to look forward to at the end of the week, and it’s something I’m so glad to be able to pursue ((:


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