Recess Week

I’ve hardly done any substantial work for recess week ’cause I’m still stuck with readings for the research paper due next week. BUTTTTT I’ve been reminding myself to catch a breather during recess week so here’s how it’s been so far. Very very grateful for these pockets of blessings.

Tort mid terms on saturday were terrible. I’ve no idea how I’m even going to get a decent GPA this sem. sigh. but the blues from mid terms were swept away after ballet.

Went for night bike on saturday as well. It was a really good time. Here’s my detail at our supper stop over at simpang.

night bike 2014 Managed to catch up with friends too (: visited this cafe I am  on monday together with some secondary school friends. A pity they didn’t have fish that day ’cause they were famous for their fish and chips.

But their pizzas were solid stuff man. Looking at the pictures make me hungry again. HAHA IMAG0151_1 IMAG0152_1 IMAG0155_1 IMAG0156_1_1 Met another friend for brunch at Paul today. It’s a cafe right outside kino at ngee ann city. The ambience was great and the service was really really good too. IMAG0178_1 IMAG0174_1 IMAG0176_1It’s already mid week ): sigh. recess week is passing by way too fast.


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