Week 10

So glad that contract law mid terms are over, and the research paper too. I really wonder why they placed the midterms right after the deadline for the research paper because quite a couple of us nearly went crazy.
I guess one thing that law school has taught me the most is the reality of opportunity cost. How, if you chose to go for a run or swim you’ve to da pao dinner to save the time you desperately need for your readings.
And how, if you waste that few spare hours on the last day of the week you’ll end up sleep deprived having to get rush your readings.
And perhaps what annoys me the most so far about not having access to the car is how you’ve to rush for the last train home when you really just want stay in school for an extra hour or so to finish up your work. Granted, I could get someone to pick me up, but what’s the point ? That round trip from home would be double the petrol. I don’t need a chauffeur, I need a versatile mode of transport that I can use on hectic days. And having to leave school a full hour or more prior to dance just to get there in time, and that’s a lot of time in terms of the amount of readings I can do. Ugh. But some just don’t understand. So forget it :/
Its just about 4 more weeks of school that we have. 4 more weeks of being a freshie.
And while I don’t really have anything to boast of in law school, I’m grateful for all that I have.


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