The old is gold, is gold

(one of the few times where I wished I’d taken pictures ’cause they would express more than any amount of words could)

I went to an old dance studio today for ballet. The dance school was holding a concurrent class that required our regular studio, so we shifted to one of the old, typical community centre dance studios for our class today. The floor wasn’t as good ’cause it was cold, hard and slippery. It wasn’t what we were used to – the nice floors with springs beneath them, that were hard enough yet not too hard, and with just the right amount of friction so that we don’t slip.

But, that studio had a rustic feel to it, a feel that I completely love. The floors were old, smooth and worn out, the mirrors and barre were old fashioned, and the studio was a typical old one with straight walls and an almost rectangular layout.

I headed to an old bubble tea shop at the nearby hawker centre after dance. It’s my favourite bubble tea shop ’cause it sells iced latte at just $2.20 (with legit coffee shots in it). The typical milk tea drinks there are rather awesome too and the auntie is soft spoken and very friendly. She’s like a typical nice, kind, and housewifey lady. I’ve drunk countless cups of milk teas and coffees that kept me awake after dance during the IB period so that I could study late into the night after I got back from dance which ended near 11pm at times.

Grabbed my usual iced latte which would sustain me through tort readings while I got home.

Dropped by a stationery shop on the ground floor of the HDB block next to mine before heading home. Got my photocopied SOGA notes from Chitty binded.

That old shop has been there ever since I can remember. The owner of the shop has aged, but is still as friendly as ever. They sell just about everything you’ll need. The range they carry is magically comprehensive for the size of that shop. From pens to refills, to files, to those 10cents square erasers with country flags/pokemon printed on them, and cool scrap booking/art materials.

Stamps too (I used to be in the habit of writing to friends who were overseas. Still am, just not that much anymore). They photocopy, they fax, they print, and they bind.

There’s just a special kind of comfort when you walk into that shop.

Perhaps it’s the familiarity of the old faces and overcrowded space, or the assurance that they have just about everything you need. (knowing exactly where to find what is a plus because I take forever to find stuff)

Perhaps, in a world where things change so quickly, the very same people who cause these changes ironically end up desperately seeking the feelings of assurance that come with these constants.

Perhaps, these rustic feels and places in the heartland/ in my HDB estate bring me greater comfort than ever, now that I’m spending some 10 hours in school on most days of the week. School’s great and uni life has thus far been very fulfilling. But amidst change, perhaps right at the core of us, we all crave some form of a constant.

 This picture ( which is also my wallpaper haha) was taken with a couple of friends in my ballet class two years back. I was still in JC, and they were still in poly. We’ve all moved on now, with some being busy with work/ uni, and one being in china most of the time.

We definitely do miss the carefree days of the past. And all the more it screams for us to cherish what we currently have.



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