A little treat

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Because I’m stuck in a pile of work that never seems to end, I decided to give myself a little treat after stumbling upon this book online.

It’s a collection of journals and poems, titled Fleeting Moments of Fierce Clarity

The publisher, homebound publications, really struck a chord within me. The publisher also happened to be the author/poet of this book as well. She talks about how she’d love to travel the world but naturally, is constrained by practical financial considerations. And she questions if it is necessary to travel the world to find herself after all.

Homebound echos a quote by Herman Melville that “Life’s a voyage that’s homeward bound”.

Of travelling, and of falling in love with everything you see. The zest of life and the freedom that’s for you to fight for and soak in.

I was wondering if I should give the book a miss and save a bit of money since I’d need quite a bit for my thailand trip. But I was sold after reading a preview of this book (a poem actually) and I thought to myself… heyyy, I resisted buying that dress online yesterday after all (:

Here it goes. I hope you’ll enjoy it as much as I did.

[Deep Notes, Quick Pace]

The despairing beauty of the music
causes us to lament life as we live it.

The capture and loss of the moment
—the bittersweet quality of these fleeting days—
deepen the significance of what is felt.

The fragility of time
—strong one moment,
fading the next—
is the seduction
of the human experience.

The momentary ripeness of this flesh,
the short space of this breath,
quickly withered,
the beauty is missed
if not lived.

Each note
sweet and somber
has its harmony.

This movement
rushes so quickly
unto silence.

Fall backward
into the tide.
Be carried away.

– L.M Browning


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