week 12

I’ve been sick for a week and it’s been a long time since I’ve taken so long to recover from anything. It’s terribly annoying because it means that I can’t run or swim, and I crave for extremely unhealthy stuff such as fried/fast food, ice cream and chocolates when I’m sick. 

It started off with a bad throat which worsened after a run during the haze period. Then it somehow turned into a flu and really bad cough that hasn’t ceased. Perhaps, God just wants me to stay put and study/do work instead of heading out to run/swim so much.

But I still end up sleeping in the library anyway because I don’t feel well and my brain just can’t seem to function. 

BGS report and appellate brief/ moot submissions get really heavy going too. 

Slept at 5am on one of the nights before heading for a project meeting a couple of hours later in the morning. Appellate brief seems to be in a mess too. 

so very tired but the clock just keeps ticking away. 

When will the race against time ever end? 




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