Solo Drive, Finally!



Woke up to this on my desk and I was so excited (: Dad’s out of town for a couple of days so I finally get the car (both the physical car and the consent to drive solo)

Drove down to school cause there was a welfare drive in school today and parking’s free after 5pm anyway šŸ˜€ HEH HEH

Law welfare drive was awesome. They had crepes from saybons, bubble tea, spruce brownies and ice cream! I think ACS and SMU has really really spoilt me rotten. ACS has spoilt me with air conditioned squash courts, canteens and a campus so wonderful I couldn’t ask for more. SMU has spoilt me rotten with all the welfare drives (Read: Free food), conveniences and the wonderful gym + hot showers.

Studied in school for bit before heading home.

The taste of freedom as I drove down the roads felt so sweet ((:

Most unfortunately, my first solo drive was ruined by a bully in the car park. I hope this doesn’t ever happen to anyone, and I was glad I chose to stand my ground.

It was past midnight when I got home and I had a bit of trouble parking cause I couldn’t see very clearly and I hadn’t parked in a long while. So this guy came out of his car and insisted that I hit his car while reversing. which was COMPLETELY IMPOSSIBLE because even though I took a while to park properly, I was super duper sure I didn’t even TAP his car. I asked him where the damage was and he pointed to this deep black small scratch (his car was red) and I was even more certain that I didn’t hit his car.

He then tried to play it down and said I came “very near” and “tapped” his car. I was like, rubbish please. If I tapped your car I would have felt it. And it would at the very most just be a small dent not a deep scratch that looked like it had rusted with time.

It was so obvious that he was trying to take advantage of the situation because I was a new driver and I was a FEMALE plus I was small. But I was so scared and I was literally shaking because he obviously had the upper hand. But somehow God gave me the courage to repeat firmly the same statement of “Sorry sir, I’m very very sure I didn’t hit your car”

And I guess, having experiences with mooting helped, because my firm tone got him a little taken aback and he told me to “chillax”. I guess perhaps he didn’t expect such a tone to come from a petite girl. But I was honestly very very sure I didn’t hit his car.

Offered him my phone number (which he refused) and asked if he’d like me to ask my mum down. In the end, he told me that he’d “let it go”. I was thinking to myself: C’mon, we could call the police and do this the whole night. Send your stupid car for a test and it’ll show how that scratch wasn’t a fresh one.

But then again I didn’t want to create more trouble and I didn’t know that he could do so when he said he’d let it go I just said thanks and wished him goodnight. Made a mental note of his car plate number too.

I was still shaking when I got home and I called my mum while I was on the way up to keep an eye on that guy’s car. Waited till he left before mum and I went down to shift the car away.

I’m just very thankful that things didn’t escalate to a level that I wouldn’t have been able to handle. I mean, if he turned violent or anything or even tried to drive my car away I wouldn’t be able to do anything about it. Still a little spooked out at how people attempt to take advantage of others so easily but I’m glad I managed to stand my ground without angering him.

That unfortunate event aside, it’s finally reading week! So glad because that means i’ll finally have time to study (:

Giving myself a bit of time to breathe this weekend before the work begins (:





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