Here’s to reading week

Sourced for this picture online; the words are taken from the lyrics of the song “Oceans” by hillsongs.

I remember being touched by this song when I went for the conference in Australia last june. I’d secured a placing in SMU law, but SMU was rife with plenty of rumours regarding what a terrible place it was. I was worried if I’d be able to keep up with my church commitments – my youths that I really wish to see through spiritual maturity, and Kristos as well, which is the creative arts ministry that I really wish to see flourish and functional in serving.

I was worried about a gazillion things and singing this song whole heartedly was a very tough call. To ask to be lead to a place your feet has never wandered, with the secure hope that your faith will be made stronger in the presence of your saviour.

But that was what I longed for, to be taken to a place where my trust is without borders.

So here’s to reading week. Finals are in a week and everything seems to be going crazy. Don’t know how I’ll be able to complete revision and I’m not even done with BGS [which is nothing but a huge burden IMO]. But I’m trying to remind myself of what’s important, and keeping my eyes on things that count. Being a good steward means doing the best you can, yet being conscious of how you’re in and NOT of the world means striking a balance and recognizing that the value system society upholds isn’t always quite the correct one.

I was asked to participate in the #myjesusis campaign that twelve stones (the wonderful media ministry in YM) was filming for. Basically, we had to think of what Jesus is to us, and they’d record us saying “my jesus is my _____”

I thought long and hard; it was tough trying to put a name/phrase to who Jesus was. He’s just everything and anything we need. Trying to summarise this into a sentence seemed manifestly inadequate. But, Jesus does hold a special meaning for everyone after all.

My Jesus, is my safety net of love.

Always there, never fails.


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