9 days to summer, 5 days to finals

It’s ironic how summer and finals seem to rhyme, even though they shouldn’t.

No idea how I’m going to finish revision because there just seems to be too much to patch up on. I’m thankful that I actually made it a point to do my own notes for each week’s readings because it definitely helps a lot. But I’m getting some serious indigestion in trying to internalize everything within one week.

On another note, I finally went for a run yesterday. It was my first run after three weeks (was quite sick for two weeks and the third week was crazily busy) but it felt surprisingly easy. Even my two running buddies felt that the run was exceptionally short though it was our usual route. I guess the weather helped a lot heh heh. The skies were threatening to pour on us but humidity was low and the air was cool. Which is exactly why I love running at night 😀 heh. And running at night through/around the city just makes me feel very very happy.

I’m actually aching after the run – the aftermath of trying to keep up with my running buddies even though I’d say they definitely slowed for me.  But I somehow derive joy from muscle aches. Be it muscle aches from sports or from dance. It’s that feeling that you’ve pushed yourself; that feeling called satisfaction.

It’s great running before you study too. I honestly think I’m slightly hyper active, so running tires my body out while keeping my mind fresh. The result is that I’d quietly stay at my seat and work through my readings/notes.

Summer, summer’s coming! (:

9 more days and we’ll be free birds roaming the skies 😀


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