“So we beat on, boats against the current, borne back ceaselessly into the past.”

IMAG0220_1Shoes that covered me from the day since I started my pursuit of ballet. I’m nowhere good, but I’m still grateful for being brought to who I am today. It wasn’t an easy transition from modern dance to ballet; I wasn’t exactly a very good modern dancer to begin with. I was at most average on flexibility, musicality and even the speed at which I pick up stuff.

Ballet entailed a whole new sacrifice that I wasn’t quite prepared for. It was a sacrifice financially because I had to pay for my own lessons – my parents weren’t very supportive of it because they’d rather I study. And lessons were costly. Which meant less luxuries and giving tuition to pay for lessons.

It was a sacrifice of time, because ballet could go up to thrice a week. And I struggled very very hard to balance school work and ballet. Law school made it even tougher. The studio used to be a place where I didn’t think of anything else the moment I stepped into it. This magic seemed to disappear when I entered uni. Every hour spent in the studio reminded me of how much more readings/ studying I could do. One hour in ballet meant I had to squeeze out that hour from somewhere else. Perhaps it was a nice lunch with friends, but most of the time it was sleep that got sacrificed.

It was a huge challenge, with so many of the kids being younger, yet better, than I was. I started ballet when I was 17 going on 18. The kids in my class were on an average, four years younger than me. But I still take great pride in finishing my graded exams (I’ll be taking my RAD grade 8 exams this april) before I turn 20. It wouldn’t have been possible without the people and support I’ve had, and the little pockets of grace in which I found opportunities to finance this pursuit.

Anyone who has a certain extent of a zest for life would speak fondly about certain passions he or she holds. I’d say that passion for me is ballet. I’ve loved dance ever since I picked it up in Crescent, but I guess it really was quite different from what I’d have called a passion.

Ballet has opened my mind and heart to a joy I’ve never experienced before, and despite the challenges, it is something I have absolutely no regrets about (:

Here’s a shameless selfie to spoil the mood of this post.

Photo on 11-4-14 at 3.36 amThink mumsie was afraid I’d starve during finals so she bought me four boxes of my favourite granola bars. onnomnomnomnom 😀


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