Not-so-secret-wish: Being a morning person

IMAG0224_1Good morning world (:

It’s 8am and I’m in school with a nice cup of coffee from my subway breakfast.

It’s ironic I know, that I absolutely hate early mornings but I actually really wish I was a morning person. I love breakfasts, I love that feeling of a coffee perk-me-up in the morning, and I love the cool silence and gentle sunlight.

But for some reason I just never was a morning person [except on exceptional days like these where I sleep over in school and inevitably wake up early]. I loathe morning classes, 930am church services, morning prayer sessions during camps, and even having to tutor my kids in the morning. I’m just mega sleepy and grumpy in the morning regardless of how much sleep I’ve had.

Maybe one day, I’ll turn into a morning person. Someone who’d wake up with a smile on her face embracing the goodness of mornings rather than begrudgingly dragging herself out of bed, angsty at the inability to sleep in.

On a side note, high sodium count aside, subway actually has pretty decent breakfasts. oh, and coffee too (:

So Good morning world (: Finals start next week for us SMU kiddos but for everyone else, have a splendid weekend 😀


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