the sweet sweet scent of summer

It finally is summer. I’ve had five full days of summer and its been such a good break from school and all the craziness that went on for the past few weeks. It was some 7 days in school every week for many of us and while exams weren’t great I’m just glad it is over.

First thing on my to-do list is to pack my room and tidy up my wardrobe. But I doubt it’s going to happen anytime soon. hahaha.

10294224_10152194438618509_8888888347971494741_nHere’s my sem 1 class taking a group shot after our last paper. I’ve definitely made wonderful friendships that I couldn’t be more thankful for. We get pre-allocated to classes for year one in SMU Law, and although our pre-allocated classes in sem 1 differs from the classes we’re allocated to in sem 2, most of us still value our sem 1 class a lot. After all, they’re the people who rode through the rough times with us, when we had no clue as to what law school was like and took forever to get through our readings. The demands were crazy and projects just took up so much of our time [and burnt our weekends along with that]. But these were the people who helped us settle into law school, people we knew we could turn to when we needed help.

Yes, such people do exist, despite the rumoured heartlessness of SMU students who are filled with nothing not competitiveness. I’m glad that I wasn’t proven wrong.

Rushed off for dance after that because I had a ballet exam just three days after my finals ended. Was really thankful for that fortunate coincidence though, that my group was the last group on the last exam day for my dance school.

Headed back to town after that as I was staying over with some of the youths who were doing a skit for easter service the next morning [ which was a sunday]. It extended my sleep debt by another day but I was so glad I agreed to stay over. It really helped that I could get hold of the car too. Hit the gym for a bit and headed to town to shop a little/ grab dinner with a friend before returning back to church. I realize that I don’t actually appreciate SMU’s location till post-exams. Perhaps, we just don’t get the chance to appreciate the centrality of SMU during term time. But once it hits the holidays, you realize how great it is to have a pool and a gym right smack in the middle of town. I could park the car at fort canning, walk down to school to gym, walk down to town to shop/grab dinner, and walk back to church thereafter. 😀

IMAG0228I had a great time of worship with the youths that night (: They sang Oceans during worship – a song that really really struck a chord in my heart when I attended the Hillsongs Conference last July. It was the song that gave me the courage to enter uni with the trust that my faith will be made stronger despite wandering into waters so deep. Kristos has this little tradition of setting up a cross marked out with small candles during worship before easter every year. It was significant for me. I spent almost the entire good friday in school studying for my last paper; and I told myself that I will never allow myself to forget what was truly important. I could have been out with my friends that night, and prior to worship I was wondering if I should have spent this post-exam night with my friends instead. But during worship it was clear to me, that there’s no place I’d rather be.

We slept around 1am after rehearsing the skit a few more times and woke up around 5 the next morning. It was terrible to have to wake up at 5. HAHA. I kept dozing off when they did their long prayers during sunrise service. Some of the old folks came half an hour early for service! Don’t know how they do that.


Here are your easter angels for easter sunday 😀 haha kidding. we just stole borrowed the halos from the youths acting as angels. Tried to capture the sunrise behind us but it was way too bright.

They had free hot cross buns after service [ONNOMNOMMM] as well as coffee and tea 😀 haha we have such kind old ladies in church (‘: I don’t think I’d actually wake up that early just to serve people hot cross buns on easter sunday.

We had a law camp briefing for both the org comm and facis on Monday. Somehow, most of the org comm was late. Yes, so was I. HAHA It was the monday right after exams and most of us were so caught up with catching our favourite series online. [yes, pun intended] I was watching eat, pray, love till near 2am in the morning as well. Went for a swim before hitting town again 😀

and yes, ballet exams!

IMAG0242The kids at the dressing table were too cute I couldn’t resist snapping a shot. they were going in for their pre-primary exams right after us. IMAG0247_1 IMAG0252_2 (2)I actually never considered it possible for me to finish my RAD exams as I only started ballet when I was 17 and it was a tough switch from modern to ballet. I finished my g8 exams that day and it felt really really good, despite having screwed up one or two of the dances. The opportunities just seemed god-given, and I’m very very grateful for them. Be it the patient and caring teacher who always stood by even though I wasn’t quite the most ideal student, or the financial means [and time] that I needed to get by my pursuit of dance.

I might even be able to assist teach in the near future, something I’ve always always wanted to do. I don’t know if it’d eventually come through because I just don’t have the time, but I know that’s where my heart lies.

Amidst the various things I got to do within the past 5 days of summer, I managed to go for a run with a friend that I hadn’t met in a while (: Met her through one of the SMUX trek runs and I’m so glad to have met someone like her. Something in her just attracted me a lot. Perhaps it was the sincerity, perhaps it was the difference between her and others. She didn’t felt like someone from SMU because she lacked the [for a lack of better words] shrewdness of someone sociable. She was a very very sociable and likeable person but somehow she was just different from the others who were sociable as well.

We don’t get to meet much during term time because everyone’s just so busy, but I know she’s someone dear that I would want to keep (:

10277001_10152089033425662_5508828982931749174_nso here’s happy us on our evening run around town(: We actually looked really really terrible, but I realize that regardless of how terrible someone looks, it can be made up for when genuine happiness shines through it all (:

IMAG0255_2Here’s a better pic to make up for the previous one 😛 We headed to sunshine plaza for dinner because I was craving for thai food. And the poor girl went around with me looking for cheesecakes because I was craving for that as well.

So yes, I probably consumed more than I actually burnt off while running. But in all honesty, I run to eat. hahahaha (: I don’t get the obsession of running to lose weight. Its a great way to keep fit and all, but if you love food [as much as I do], the misery of having to abstain from your favourite foods and the obsession with losing weight is more than enough to empty the joys of running. I love running, and I love my food. While I try to eat things in moderation and not overly indulge in sweet treats, it wasn’t till recently did I realize what I missed out on, when I ran purely to burn calories.

So unless you’re really overweight (as in, BMI index, not some self-perceived obesity) or on a weight loss program of some sort, one thing I’ve learnt over the past year is to love yourself instead of being overly critical/restraining over yourself. Allow yourself to indulge a little every now and then. It does wonders for your soul (:




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