IMAG0259_1A cup of iced mocha because it’s way to hot these days, a large blue berry muffin that never fails to satisfy my sweet tooth [and yet is somehow able to convince me that it isn’t as calorie packed as others], a book that I ought to have finished ages ago, and my trusty organizer waiting to be filled in because I can never quite remember things.

And this was after a good game of squash with friends and a very satisfying lunch at ichiban. But the main reason why I dived into this little indulgence was because I was terribly flustered that day. It was crazy hot, I lost my ezlink card when I left it in the printing room, I had to walk down to YWCA to submit some forms, and I had to walk down to wilkie edge to return a defective leotard. And it made things a zillion times worse when it was so terribly hot and humid.

But I had an hour or so to spare before heading to my tuition kid’s place, and I love wilkie edge for how doesn’t get crowded so I decided to just make the best of what I had.

I’ve been indulging in wayyyyyyyy too many sweet treats on a daily basis. But I managed to squeeze in some exercise every day this week so I hope the exercise somewhat offsets the very unhealthy consumptions. If not, I might be singing a different tune very very soon. hahaha.

Headed to school for an internship talk this afternoon and I can only say, I’m so glad that I’m still a freshie/sophomore.


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