Summer means…

Summer means, sleeping in till 10.30am and treating yourself to a huge bowl of overnight milk soaked oats and chia seeds, topped with plain old yoghurt and strawberry preserve.

Oh yes, not forgetting the cup of English Breakfast ofcourse(:

IMAG0262_1Summer means, indulging in a lava cake and watching the world go by as you pen down your thoughts in a diary entry.

IMAG0265_1Summer means, having the time to head down to your favourite neighbourhood bakery at commonwealth to get your hands on a cheese tart that you’ve been in love with ever since you were a sec 1 kid.

It was $1.50 of pure happiness. I used to gladly miss my bus in order to slowly savour my cheese tart. I had a good friend in Crescent who stayed near me, and sometimes we’d buy waffles from this bakery and try to find a seat on the bus where we could sneakily eat our waffles without the bus driver noticing us.

IMAG0269_1 IMAG0270_1Summer means, having the time to go for a long run in the evening before dinner. It’s strangely therapeutic to run till you’re no longer tired, and to feel that constance source of strength as you make each stride.

Details of my Thailand trip are more or less confirmed. Can’t wait to head over, Can’t wait to plunge into the deep blue oceans once again. Never have I been so glad to have found the courage to do what I wanted, as when I experienced the wonders of the oceans. It’s a crazy expensive hobby to pursue, but its something I’d gladly scrimp and save for.


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