Summer run, Southern Ridges


Fuffly clouds with their silver linings. One of the wonderful sights we caught this evening. 

The Southern Ridges have been around for a while now; It’s the park connectors that connect Mount Faber to Hort Park via Henderson Waves and a 850 elevated path, then to Kent Ridge’s Canopy walk with the option of a short run along West Coast Highway to end off at West Coast park. If I’m not wrong, it took some 25.5 Million bucks to build. I can hardly find a description that does it justice. It starts off with Marang Trail that takes you from Habour Front MRT [Exit D] up to Mount Faber, and cuts through Telok Blanglah as well. We couldn’t find the exit from Mount Faber to Telok Blanglah though, so we ended up running along the main roads and climbing [yet another] sleep flight of stairs to get to the Henderson Waves.

But be warned, not that this warning would be of any effect because online reviews warned us regarding this quite a bit and we didn’t quite take it seriously. The terrain was rather rough. Not the Macritche dirt trail kind of rough but the up and down slopes on paved ground. I don’t know about my running buddy but my knees are feeling a little weak now. HAHA. Marang Trail starts off with a long flight of stairs up to Mount Faber. I read somewhere that it was a 90m elevation over less than 500m.

There were fantastic views of the sunset along the run though (:

We covered around 8.5km in distance, and had to stop a few times due to the risk of getting lost [google maps really is a blessing]. A useful tip we picked up from online reviews was the presence of water points at Hort Park – you’d be rather thirsty after the rough terrain from Mount Faber, Telok Blanglah and then the Henderson Waves AND 850 of elevated walkways. They’re situated outside the rest rooms in Hort Park.

It isn’t quite the route if you wish for a focused non-stop running; we had to double check the sign board and maps everytime we ran past one to make sure we were going the right direction. Even so, we did get a little lost and thankfully, google maps came to the rescue. If you’re in for some focused non-stop running with a decent amount of terrain, perhaps Macritche would be a better option. But if you’d like a little bit of an adventure with fabulous sunset views – which you are willing to brave the steep slopes for, then the Southern Ridges would be a very rewarding route (:

My friend and I are training for sundown that’s on 31st May so terrain’s a good way to build up stamina and muscles (: I guess, the terrain made up for the frequent stops we had to take.

Start off early though! I think 4.30pm would be a good time if it isn’t too hot. My friend and I started off at almost 6pm and it got a little creepy as it was dark by the time we got to the Kent Ridge Canopy walk. There’s still a distance after the Canopy walk to walk out onto the main road and West Coast Highway so that wasn’t a very pleasant experience. There’s a neat side walk along West Coast Highway, but it isn’t quite ideal for running when it’s dark cause it is rather secluded with all the bushes surrounding it.

Oh and, if you’ve a car or something, it’ll be good to park it at Kent Ridge Park with a spare change of clothes in it before you take the train to HabourFront. You’d be mega stinky after the run [like my friend and I was] and we were a little paiseh on the bus ride back. Both of us didn’t have the car so we had to run light = just phones + 10 bucks + house key + Nets & Ezlink card. In the event that you get a little lost like we did, you’d be able to just drive out of Kent Ridge instead of walking the long route down in the dark which isn’t really very safe.

I’m actually glad that tomorrow’s a public holiday. I was initially a little saddened because it meant that the school gym and pool would be closed. I’ve been trying to cross train a little so I run thrice a week with at least a day in between the runs, during which I either hit the gym or the pool. Rest day’s typically on Sunday so not having the school gym/pool means I’d have wasted thursday away.

But, my legs are actually rather sore from the terrain today. So I did three sets of planks/side planks and called it a day 😀 Heading to Sentosa Cove with some friends on Friday for a run and I’m rather excited about it 😀



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