Sentosa Cove, Marche, and Spidey Man

Had a lovely girls’ day out yesterday with Eug SY and Mandi (: Headed to sentosa cove for a morning running; felt really bad cause I was pretty late though. And it wasn’t even because I woke up late this time [heck, that was one of the rare days where I managed to wake up on time]. Eug’s club was at sentosa cove so we deposited our stuff there before heading out for a lovely run. Ran through the residential areas to gawk at nice houses and sexy cars šŸ˜€

Ran down to USS after that but the malaysian food street wasn’t opened yet. Plenty of slopes on the way but I think I’m starting to learn how to embrace those slopes hahaha.Ā IMAG0276_1

And Mandi baked meringues for us! (:


We initially intended to lunch at sentosa cove but we decided to catch spidey man in the end so we headed down to vivo. Marche has this express lunch thing going on right now that gets you a decent main course + a drink for under 10 bucks, which is considered a very decent price for Marche. I’d say not to go for sea food though. The sea bass was alright but far below the standards I’d expect of Marche. The skin was still a little soggy and I don’t think the fish was very fresh. Seafood at Marche is usually rather good though; perhaps the counter couldn’t really cope with the excess demand from the express lunch promotions.


Spidey man was a really nice show (: Right amount of stunts and actions with a solid story line (: It isn’t often that you find action movies with both.

I realized, yesterday, how people you don’t expect to come close end up being those who understand you without you having to explain everything. and how friends whom you care about so much, and expected to stick by throughout everything, can turn out to be people you have to walk away from because they are always the one doing or saying hurtful things.

But it’s alright, we grow through these experiences (:

Here’s wishing you guys a wonderful summer ahead! šŸ˜€ and all the best for those mugging for their last few papers Ā (:

IMG-20140502-WA0005_1P.S Last two pictures were taken by SY using this really cool fisheye lens thingy that you attach to your phone camera (:


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