Hello, Week 3 of Summer

IMAG0279_2Monday blues don’t exist in summer (:

Brunch and coffee at  One Man Cafe, Ice cream after that at Salted Caramel, and ended off the day with a swim in school.

One Man Cafe‘s coffee was really good. I haven’t enjoyed a cup of coffee so much ever since I left Melbourne last year. It was rich yet smooth, without any unpalatable aftertaste. It tasted almost exactly like the coffee in Melbourne that I loved so much.

Found my new favourite ice cream flavour in Salted Caramel. It’s called Chocolate Stout (or was it Stout Chocolate… ). I love liquor chocolates, and I love ice cream; Chocolate Stout seemed like the perfect combination. The creaminess and dosage of happiness was within that ice cream, and there was a good kick of liquor to end it off with 😀

Ordered a grilled cheese from One Man Cafe for brunch. It’s one of the simplest things to make yet they nailed it right there. Toast was just right, crispy and toasted with just the right amount of butter. Serving of cheese was generous, and browned at the edges. I’m a mega huge fan of cheese; I love it over just about everything and cheesecake is my absolute happy food. That humble grilled cheese satisfied that cheese lover in me and that chocolate stout ice cream satisfied the chocolate/liquor lover in me.

Results are slowly seeping through elearn. I was pleasantly surprised at one of my finals grades because I honestly thought I screwed up that paper. And that Prof for contract II was so much stricter than my prof for contract I. At the same time, I was crazy disappointed over my BGS grades. I actually fared worse for a nonsense mod like BGS as compared to my heavy law mods. The feeling of being pulled down by such filler mods really really suck.

Crossing my fingers and hoping for a decent amount of moderation. Meanwhile, I’m just going to try to let go of all these things I can’t control and enjoy my summer.

11 more days will I fly off to thailand for my dive trip. Really can’t wait. This dive trip was what kept me going during my exams. I’d just picture myself in the oceans once again and that joy and hope was enough to push me through ((:


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