The Humble Raspberry Twist

IMAG0283_BURST003_1The first time I visited simply bread at sixth avenue, I knew that this raspberry twist would be my favourite for a long time. It’s been a while since I’ve visited simply bread, mainly because I didn’t know there was an outlet at Cluny Court which was right beside Botanic Gardens MRT which made it a lot more accessible than the one at sixth avenue.

It isn’t the tastiest I’ve had, but somehow, the simplicity of this humble bread makes it a great comfort food for me. The nicely roasted almond silvers are a big plus.

Went to Macritche for a morning run with a couple of friends. The terrain was tough yet refreshing. I’ve gradually come to realize that one of the biggest benefits of running is that it actually takes you to places at a pace where you can take in everything around you and reflect. Travelling on a bus is different; it’s a little too fast. Walking gets boring. Running seems just right.

Met up with my BGS group for dimsum in the afternoon. My nice group mates happily agreed to go to my fav dim sum place at Smith Street in China Town. It’s a relatively inexpensive place for dimsum ’cause it isn’t a restaurant; It’s more of an air conditioned eatery.

Had some time to burn and that’s when I decided to head to Cluny Court to grab some comfort food while journaling at the same time. I love the white tables and walls, and the minimalist concept of Simply Bread.

Meet buggies, my sunnies. I usually don’t bring it out unless I’m driving or travelling, but it’s been so unbearably hot these few days that I just couldn’t seem to leave home without it. Oh yes, it’s called buggies cause I look like a bug when I wear them. My face is rather small and I love big sunnies hence the buggies.


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