Headed out with a friend to cafe hop a little on Thursday afternoon. It was crazy hot but the pie and coffee was well worth it.


Shared a S’mores pie from Window Sill with my friend. It was really good 😀 It was rich and chocolately yet not overly sweet. If I remembered correctly, it was dark chocolate ontop and milk chocolate below, topped off with roasted marshmellows. Pie crust was pretty awesome too. Wish I could make pies like these haha. I’m hungry just looking at it now.

IMAG0293_2 (1)


Headed to Chye Seng Huat for coffee after that since both cafes were in the same area. Coffee was great but I still prefer the one from One Man Coffee (: Ambience here is much better though! One day, when I own my own coffee maker, I’ll buy my own beans and make my own coffee. HEH HEH. I’m starting to favour the cappuccino over the latte or flat white of late though. I’m somehow more inclined towards the stronger coffee flavour as compared to the milky bit.
IMAG0295_1So here’s the friend I went out with for pies and coffee (: She was my OG mate during law camp and I couldn’t be more glad for the assuring constant she’s been throughout my first year in law school. Weather was sucky, food was great, but it was the company that made it complete.


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