Unexpected encounters

IMG-20140524-WA0020_1Attended a good friend’s baptism service on Saturday afternoon. It was the first baptism service I’ve ever attended besides my own haha. It was held at Faith Methodist Church and I must say I do like their sanctuary a lot. What struck me the most was the pastors though – they were so chirpy and equipped with a great sense of humour. They weren’t stuck on with the nitty gritty details of the baptism message and the baptism ritual texts. I wasn’t quite used to that at first, because everything was done on a much more solemn mood in Wesley, the church that I attended.

But it was actually rather refreshing, knowing that an emphasis was placed on relating to the congregation and creating an atmosphere of love and warmth. Perhaps some might feel a little discomforted by the lack of absolute reverence paid to the sacrament, but it certainly did put the warmth in my heart and a smile across my face.

A rather blur and not-so-flattering picture above but we bumped into our IB bio lab technician while at the church. It’s been more than a year since we’ve left ACS(I) and seeing her does bring back plenty of memories. She was at the service as two boys under her care in sunday school were getting baptised that day as well.

I remember the hours (ranging well over 10) we spent at the labs for each graded report, the kind friend I had who grabbed excess hydrillas for me and washed my test tubes because I was always so stressed out and short on time. And the same kind friend who listened to my rambles as we chilled out with brownies and ice cream at KAP’s island creamery (a pity it’s now gone). To that kind friend, I don’t know if you actually will read this, but I have always been very grateful for your friendship. Especially amidst all the struggles I had in IB. And ofcourse, I do wish I had handled things better. The kind gestures like brownies and a balloon in my locker are things I’ll always appreciate (: And if you’re wondering, yes, burnt caramel is still my fav flavour from island creamery.

Met a couple of old friends at the service too; mutual friends of sorts. Such encounters remind you of the carefree days you once had. And while I’m saddened that these days won’t return no matter how hard I wish for them to, I’ll smile at the memories, grateful for having lived through them (:

P.S will finish the BKK post soon haha.

P.P.S excited at getting to work at B&J’s soon. Pay isn’t great but I need to earn back the expenses of the recent dive trip. Plus I love ice cream, so it’ll be fun (:



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