Berry Chocolate Cake

IMAG0443_1It has been a while since I’ve raved about cakes, but this one deserves a shoutout. It’s called the Berry Chocolate Cake, and its name does far from doing it justice.

I only go for two things when choosing a cake – either an extremely chocolately one, or a solid cheese cake. I shun sponge cakes and I dislike cream cakes. I just never liked cream in my cakes since young. In fact, I used to hate cakes when I was younger because somehow, all the cakes I ate were cream cakes.

This cake was Cedele’s creation for mothers’ day this year, and I sure hope it stays on the menu permanently because it is awesomely good.

It has the classic dark chocolate cake of three layers. It is dense, moist and not overly sweet. The chocolate body of cakes from awfully chocolate doesn’t even come close. The frosting is made of cream cheese and berries. Was a little apprehensive in the beginning but the flavours combined perfectly. Eaten as a whole, this is one satisfying, pampering cake that isn’t overly sweet.

In typical Cedele style, it is baked with grapeseed oil and organic refined sugar.

$7.50 a slice and $58 for a whole cake.

I loved every bite of it (:


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