[Lagoon, ECP] Joy Rides

It has been a while since I’ve gotten my driving license. I don’t get to drive much, but I’m glad I do get to drive on my own on certain days.

Last Tuesday was one of them. Headed to school for a run and drove to ECP to have dinner with some friends. My friends love eating there, but I’ve never joined them before because it was painfully far from my place (a.k.a pulau jurong). It is such times where I really appreciate having a car and being able to drive.

I did have my driving jitters though – I’ve never driven so far out without my dad beside me. But I had friends who had a a few years of driving experience to guide me along the way. And they were helping me to look out for traffic as well šŸ˜€ They wanted to head to serangoon for dinner but decided to head to ECP instead ’cause I only knew how to get home via AYE. PIE leads me home too but my dad’s never shown me that way before so I didn’t quite dare to drive home via another expressway (yes, chicken I know).

One thing I realize – I actually hardly drive on the outer lane of the expressway when my dad isn’t around. I’d stick to the middle lane even though it gets very slow at times. I guess sticking to the middle lane gives me the assurance that I wouldn’t speed since I can’t anyway. HAHA. It is a lot less scary too.

IMAG0502So here’s part one of our dinner. Stingray was so good (: Wonton mee was the best I’ve had in Singapore although I’d say it still can’t beat KL’s. HAHA. Satay and chicken wings came after that but I’m glad I managed to resist them. HAHAHA.


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