Bits and Pieces of Summer

It has been a rather eventful summer and here’s a summary of what’s passed. It also serves to remind me of how blessed I’ve been.

1) I finished my advance scuba course in Thailand together with a girlfriend from AC. Spent two days shopping in Bang Kok as well. It was a rather smooth journey despite the [largely exaggerated] news reports regarding the political situation over there.

2) I finished my second half marathon. Did my first half marathon last december. Trained adequately for this one and I thoroughly enjoyed the whole race. Knees died again though, so I’ve been making a couple of trips to the physiotherapist. Hoping to get my knees settled properly over summer.

3) Went back to KL to visit my family. It was a very restful week in KL with loads of good food. Speaking of which, I’ve gained 2kg in just the first half of summer. hahaha. Time to control a little now >]

4) I’ve been working part time to fund my travel expenses. I’ve been running around doing ad hoc events, taking little kids out on learning journeys, and scooping away at Ben and Jerry’s. [I look terrible in this picture though, but it’s the only one I have. haha]

Saving up for a watch I’ve set my eyes on too (:


5) I’m heading for YMLC tomorrow till Sunday evening. Looking forward to a good time of rest in Christ as I review the year that has passed and learn how to serve him and others better.

6) Up coming trips – Tentative overnight trip to Batam to cable ski with friends. Also seriously considering a solo trip to Penang to visit my grandma. It has been a while since I’ve gone back and I definitely won’t have time to do so this winter. Next summer would be packed with internships as well. Am intending to fly back alone and stay at my uncle’s place. I love travelling alone because it gives you a lot of alone-time to chill and just relax. Penang would be a good place to train up some skills for travelling independently. hahaha.

7) The least important of it all, but I finally got my hands on a pair of sperry’s (: Can’t decide if I love this pair more or my boat shoes I got from an Esprit sale in Sydney. Mum agreed to get them for me cause there was 20% off due to GSS.



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