[YMLC 2014]


Came back from YMLC last Sunday and it was a wonderful time of worshipping and basking in the love of Christ. It has has been a while since I’ve worshipped so freely, felt the embrace of his love so deeply and felt totally at ease at the same time. The theme for this year’s YMLC was “Abide to Lead”, and the main reason as to why I signed up (beside the fact that I was finally free for YMLC) was that I was so drawn in by this theme. Often, we forget to abide. We always know at the back of our heads that we need to abide to lead, that we can bear no fruit otherwise… BUT, we just don’t seem to abide at the end of the day. We don’t have that conviction, or the passion to sustain any convictions.

I guess what stuck with me the most was the closing sermon, which was on seeking God’s presence in all that we do. Seeking results, legalistic principles, or self glory would lead to highly disastrous outcomes.

I thought I was long over the hype of camps. I was right, but I did forget that a conference was quite different from a camp. I love how the bands were awesome and had musicians from various methodist churches, I love how there were no deliberate spiritual hypes being played up, I love how we didn’t have to force ourselves to play wild dirty games (haha sorry, feeling wayyyyy too old for that), I love how we had comfy hotel rooms to stay in and so much free time to ourselves. YMLC was like a church camp for us youths when we finally did grow up.

Pictures below aren’t mine; taken off facebook!

So here’s my YMLC group (:

Oh yes, did i mention? We won second for games so we’ve $60 of starbucks vouchers in our hands. Meeting them on Monday to do a proper closing and enjoy our little $60 prize ((: 
YMLC 1 And the group of us from Wesley YMLC 2 We had supper together on the last night too! (: Was having such high hopes of doing my nails in malaysia during YMLC but it turned out that there was only one manicure shop in that area and it was booked all the way till 6pm, which was when we had to be back in the hotel for dinner.

We had a great time at supper though (: I’m not a fan of durians but the frog legs and sarawak “kolo” mee that followed was really awesome. 

YMLC 3So yes, grateful for the time spent in YMLC, grateful for the people I’ve met, and I sure do hope to be at the next one (: 


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