Doggy Blues + Kinder Surprise


Hi folks! Most of y’all would have already known, and thanks for your prayers too (:

Donkey (okay, he’s called kaiser actually but he resembles donkey from shrek so that’s what I’ve been calling him) was having an abnormal growth (a.k.a tumour) on his neck that kept growing so we went to get it checked out. It wasn’t a cancerous tumour but there was a possibility of it turning cancerous so we decided to get it removed. There were risks involved though, including the inability to fully recover (given his age), as well as the potential loss of muscle & nerve functions along his neck as the growth was rather large.

Thankfully all went well, and here’s donkey with his cone of shame. He looks pretty happy though (: 

And here’s the groggy boy on our way back home. For once he actually sat obediently on my lap during a car ride. He’d usually scramble to get a good view out of the car windows. The amazing thing was that the moment the car turned into the carpark, he somehow knew that we were home even though I doubt he could have gotten a good look of his surroundings as he was seated quite far below the windows.

On a side note, I found out during a chalet that Cocoa Trees actually sell kinder surprise. Like the awesome authentic ones with the chocolate shell and a toy inside (as compared to the disappointing newer ones called kinder joy or something).

So yes, I grabbed myself a box today! This one’s the looney tunes’ edition. Only one of the four eggs within it has a looney tunes’ toy though; the rest are unfortunately just the typical kinder toys.

Good enough for me though 😀 I forsee myself wasting a lot of money of these just for the sake of the toys. I heard they even have a toy story and winne edition 😀 😀 😀

So guys, if you’re feeling generous and up for a bit of chocolate, please buy yourself a box, eat the chocolate egg shells, and pass me the toy. HAHA (:



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