The Salad


Okay, yes, it is a little pompous to call it The Salad but do indulge me because I finally got down to making my own salad from scratch today! (: Yes, excluding growing the greens. hahaha.

I love salads, but salad dressings sold in shops are incredibly unhealthy, and the salads sold are pretty pricey as well. So I was thinking hey, why don’t I try my hands at making my own?

It turned out pretty good (: Scavenged through the the freezer (cause I’ve an amazing mum who stocks it up with chicken breast and prawns) and found a whole chicken breast. Two actually. Chicken breast is about just the only part of the chicken that I eat. I’m not sure why but this was the case since I was a kid. Never really like drumsticks.

But yes, it is a healthier choice due to its lower fat content.

Marinated it with salt and pepper, sprinkled on some thyme before searing it with sesame oil (ahhhh, I love it)

Salad dressing was done by combining an equal portion of freshly squeezed lemon juice with olive oil. Most recipes online would tell you to combine one part of acid (lemon juice/vinegar) with three parts of olive oil. I can’t stomach that though. Perhaps it’s because I really really love my lemons and I need that sourish kick in my salad. I actually added in a little more lemon juice than olive oil. But it really is up to your personal preference (:

So here’s everything I used for this humble bowl of salad.

1) Greens of your choice.

2) Lemons (I used slightly more than a quarter for two portions of dressing)

3) Olive Oil

4) One whole chicken breast

5) thyme leaves

6) Sesame oil

7) salt and pepper to taste

It has been a while since I’ve cooked. Salad was a good way to start. Haha.

It took longer than expected though.

Can’t wait to get back to baking once I have the time. First up on the list is cocoa brownies 😀


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