A Sunday date [Lady M]



This weekend seemed terribly long and tiring, but I must say I had a very sweet sunday.

My friend and I decided to visit Lady M on sunday afternoon – something we’ve been wanting to do since the end of Sem 2. Unfortunately, we never found the time to do it as she flew off soon after for the OCSPs and I got busy with my dive trip, YMLC and law camp. She then started her internships soon after and we just couldn’t find a common time to meet. She’s someone I hold dear though; so we kept on trying to arrange for a common time and after some 2 months, the date was settled on last sunday (:

It really is ironic how summer turned out to be so busy when I envisioned it to be a good, chill three months of simply catching up on my reading. On that note, I actually haven’t managed to finish even ONE book I’ve been intending to read. Work took up quite a bit of my time as well. I was relief teaching at the tuition centre I used to teach at before university started, and found a part time job to support my travels too.

I’m glad all the busyness seem to be coming to an end – but so is summer.

Back to the topic of Lady M, we decided to order their famous vanilla mille crepe, a slice of velvet cake, and a fruit tart. The velvet cake was disappointing I must say; almost any chocolate based cake from cedele would have fared better. The chocolate base wasn’t dense enough, there was too much of the red colouring (it was too bright for a red velvet), and the taste of cheese in the cream just wasn’t strong enough.

The crepe and fruit tart was great though. I’d say it is one of the better fruit tarts I’ve tasted. I’m not a fan of fruit tarts because I naturally go for heavier stuff like cakes, but I do know a good fruit tart when I taste one hahaha. Credits to my extremely fussy taste buds. I might just turn into a fan of fruit tarts after this hahaha.

The crepe was really really sweet but it was light at the same time, so it managed a fine balance which completely appealed to our taste buds. The layers were thin and the vanilla fragrance on the cream was so strong yet so light.

So yes, it was a self-declared sugar day and we shared three servings of dessert for lunch.


And yes, I was obviously a very happy girl that day. Ignore that tired looking face; I was managing some 4-5 hours of sleep for three consecutive nights. I even fell asleep during an acapella concert that we attended later on. And it was by no fault of that concert; they were really pretty good.

We headed for the concert right after our very sugary lunch, to support a mutual friend.



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