A Summer Saturday



Waking up to a cup of white tip oolong tea and a couple of multi grain buns. 

Putting on my leotard and tights, getting my hair up neatly into a bun for the first time in four months. 

Heading back to the studio for ballet lessons after four months was a refreshing yet challenging time. Calves kept cramping, flexibility just wasn’t there, couldn’t quite get back on pointe, and I think I pulled my hamstring again because I stretched too hard. 

But that aside. 

Came home and made myself a huge bowl of salad with one whole chicken breast. 

Headed to the khalsa association for some soccer. 

Found some really good snow skin moon cakes at city square mall. 

Had a satisfying dinner of baked rice. 

Got home, foam rolled to loosen the crazy knots in my muscles, did some core exercises, grabbed some ice cream and watched some TV.

It was a good saturday (:  And as impossible as it seems, I wish that every saturday to come can be as blissful as this one. 


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