A frolic in the kitchen

Summer’s coming to and end, which meant that I won’t have the time to touch that bag of flour and cocoa powder that’s been sitting in the kitchen for a while. Decided to do a little baking/cooking before leaving for batam (which shall be left for the next post). I guess it was also because I pulled a hamstring the day before which meant that I couldn’t join my friends for frisbee training or go for a long run that I would have otherwise loved to. 

I’ve been searching online for brownie recipes for a while now – one that was fuss free, made with easily available ingredients (read as: made with stuff I already had in the kitchen), and one that wasn’t too unhealthy to keep a stock of in the fridge for my daily sweets. 

So yes, I finally found a recipe for cocoa brownies, modified it a little and added a whole bar of chocolate into it. It turned out great, and was even better after being refrigerated. My friends loved it and so did my mum, and I even had a few to spare for a family friend. 

The whole batch of brownies only took one cup of sugar (which is relatively little for brownies) although the original recipe did call for more. Not too unhealthy a recipe I would say, given that the cocoa powder used was unsweetened and the chocolate bar used was dark chocolate. 

So basically, it was unsweetened cocoa powder, a cup of sugar, a little flour, two eggs and a dark chocolate bar for the “goo-ey” middle. 

It was flakier than normal brownies (but the problem’s solved by refrigerating it over a day), but it was rich without being overly sweet, with a soft chewy centre and a slightly flaky crust. (: 

Found some avocados in the super market as well so I decided to do up a tuna avocado spread as well. I later found out that I couldn’t mix the tuna and avocado well together because the avocados weren’t sufficiently ripened. 

But anyway, it was a simple mix of a can of tuna (tuna in water) tossed with olive oil and freshly ground black pepper (commercially powdered pepper just isn’t as good). Mixed in two avocados after that. 

Was at cedele (which is also my absolute favourite bakery) the next day so I bought a loaf of four seed bread. Lightly toasted it, grilled some tomatoes, added some greens and melted a slice of cheese (what’s life without cheese??) and heaped the tuna avocado spread on. 

I absolutely loved it (: 


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